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No. 43  |  January 9, 2018
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This is EngagePhase Weekly, your weekly look at the emerging global community engagement and public participation industry.

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In This Issue

Industry News

  • California-based digital engagement technology provider Peak Democracy has been acquired (back in October 2017): Excited to Welcome Peak Democracy to the OpenGov Family
  • The National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation (NCDD) reports it has raised more than $8,000 through its 2017 end of year fund drive.
  • The Participatory Budgeting Projects reports it has raised over $33,000 through its recent “Democracy Made By You” campaign.
  • Advanced registration is open for the American Association of Geographers’ 2018 meeting in New Orleans, April 10-14, 2018. This year's theme: Public Engagement in Geography.
Editor’s note: Reminder to check out our member-only section (under construction) for high-level financial information on NCDD, the Participatory Budgeting Project and a growing number of other non-profit organizations from various countries that are shaping the industry. Let us know what other indicators we should be tracking. Thanks!

People on the Move

  • Corey Speers (LinkedIn) just announced the launch of his independent communications and stakeholder engagement consulting firm based in Burnie, Tasmania (Australia).

Happening This Week

Upcoming Conferences

See the calendar for our full list of 25+ upcoming conferences.

Tools & Resources

  • The website, a directory of “civic technology for sustainable transport”, has a few updates, including links to a number of transportation games and related resources.

Digital Engagement

  • Melbourne, Australia-based collaboration and innovation firm Collabforge, maker of Collabco IMS (ParticipateDB), announces it is working on Scaffle, a new digital engagement platform.

Around the Globe

  • As Josh Lerner, Executive Director at the Participatory Budgeting Project, notes via Twitter, two of the last two speakers of the New York City Council have been active, longtime proponents of participatory budgeting.
Editor’s note: Correlation? Causation? You be the judge! ;-)

Making the Case

  • German independent foundation Bertelsmann Stiftung, in a “guidepost” on broad citizen participation published earlier this year (available in German only), provides eight reasons why government, particularly at the local level, needs public participation. Among them: the opportunity to improve civil discourse, to improve social cohesion and to re-engage disaffected citizens.

Analysis and Opinion

“Gamification, hundreds of online platforms, deliberative processes, and techniques that bring creativity and design together are increasingly what will be required to get quality input and build meaningful relationships. Open houses, town halls and other antiquated processes that primarily meet the needs of the decision maker (if they even do) are going to become increasingly less cool, acceptable and engagement worthy.”
—Jessica Delaney, Delaney + Associates

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Event Calendar

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Transportation Research Board (TRB) 97th Annual Meeting
January 7-11, 2018
Washington, D.C.

New! Rencontres Nationales de la Participation 2018
March 6-8, 2018
Lille (France)

Innovations in Participatory Democracy Conference
March 8-10, 2018
Phoenix, AZ

Expertenforum Bürgerbeteiligung
March 9, 2018
Tübingen (Germany)

March 9-17, 2018
Austin, TX

NAEP 2018 Annual Conference: Sound Leadership in Environmental Adaptation and Resiliency
March 11-14, 2018
Tacoma, WA

2018 Collective Impact Convening
April 3-5, 2018
Austin, TX

New! American Associations of Geographers Annual Meeting
April 10-14, 2018
New Orleans, LA

TICTeC 2018
April 18-19, 2018
Lisbon (Portugal)

2018 National Planning Conference
April 21-24, 2018
New Orleans, LA

IAFNAC Conference 2018
May 2-5, 2018
Ottawa (Canada)

IAIA18: Environmental Justice in Societies in Transition
May 16-19, 2018
Durham (South Africa)

International Conference on Policy Diffusion and Development Cooperation
May 16-19, 2018
Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Improve Democracy Through Dialogue and Participation
May 17-18, 2018
Stockholm (Sweden)

Code for America Summit 2018
May 30 - June 1, 2018
Oakland, CA

19th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research: dg.o 2018
May 30 - June 1, 2018
Delft (Netherlands)

AoH North America Practitioners Gathering
June 1-5, 2018
Columbus, OH

Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement Meeting (CLDE) 2018
June 6-9, 2018
Anaheim, CA

Netzwerktreffen 2018
June 15, 2018
Cologne (Germany)

CeDEM Asia 2018
July 12-13, 2018
Yokohama (Japan)

Participatory Design Conference 2018
August 20-24, 2018
Hasselt (Belgium)

New! ECPR General Conference
August 22-25, 2018
Hamburg (Germany)

September 3-6, 2018
Krems (Austria)

2018 IAP2 North American Conference
September 5-7, 2018
Victoria, BC (Canada)

2018 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy
September 26-29, 2018
Rome (Italy)

First Annual Conference of the Academy of Professional Dialogue
October 15-17, 2018
Horsham (United Kingdom)

IAP2 Australasia 2018 Community and Stakeholder Engagement Conference
October 24-25, 2018
Gold Coast, QLD (Australia)

2018 Barcelona IOPD Conference and Assembly
November 26-28, 2018
Barcelona (Spain)

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