One-Year Anniversary Special Available

EngagePhase Weekly turned one year old on Friday. From our post on LinkedIn:

Over the course of our first 53 issues, EngagePhase Weekly has surfaced more than 500 news items, ranging from coverage of leading international conferences and events, to industry awards, to mergers & acquisitions, to influencers on the move, to numerous examples of advocates in various roles and positions making a strong case for more and better participatory decision making at all levels of government and beyond.

While the first year has focused mostly on setting up our content curation capabilities, we look forward to broadening the offering over the coming months through quarterly online events, original content, and – if all goes well – the addition of several foreign correspondents to help bridge the language barrier and provide a much more in-depth view into some of the hottest regions we have on our radar.

To celebrate the occasion, we have a discount available through the end of the month. Just head to the sign-up page, enter coupon code “toddler” and get your one-year subscription for only $19.95. All plans come with a 15-day free trial.

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