Looking for Foreign Correspondents (French/Spanish)


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EngagePhase is a premium info service launched in 2017 serving the emerging global public participation and community engagement industry. Our weekly newsletter is read by over 200 professionals from more than a dozen countries around the world.

As part of our ongoing public beta phase, we are currently looking to prototype the role of “foreign correspondent” to help us better cover industry developments in the following geographic areas:

  • France and other French-speaking regions (Québec/Canada, various African countries etc.)
  • Spain and other Spanish-speaking regions (South America, Central America etc.)

Initially, a contributor in this role would be responsible mostly for content curation: identify and process relevant news items from the respective language area as they appear in our news aggregator and turn them into easily-digestible news bits (in English) to be published via the newsletter and other online channels (website, social media).

Over time, this role will also include the creation of original content as needed: for example, book reviews, conference write-ups, interviews, company profiles, other market research.

We expect the initial trial phase to take about 3-5 months (from now through the summer). During this period, we expect the workload to be roughly 1-3 hours per week (or roughly 5-10 hours per month). A small honorarium will be available during this period.

We plan for this to become a paid contractor position as early as fall 2018, with overall workloads likely increasing considerably over time.

This might be an ideal opportunity for a (graduate) student interested in this space who a) already has a bit of background/training and b) is already, at least to some extent, tuned into the day-to-day flow of industry news.

Please get in touch if you’d like to learn more.

While expanding our French and/or Spanish language coverage is currently at the top of our list (driven in large part by the activity we’re seeing in our news aggregator), we hope to be adding coverage for other language areas soon (e.g., German, Italian, Chinese).

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