Are you in the participation business?

EngagePhase Weekly is a premium weekly email newsletter that tracks the emerging global community engagement and public participation industry.

On a daily basis, we scan an ever-increasing number of news and information sources from around the world. After we select the best insights, we share them with our subscribers via the EngagePhase Weekly newsletter:

  • Industry news
  • People on the move
  • Case studies
  • Tools & resources
  • Opportunities for professional development & training
  • Thought leadership, analysis & opinion
  • Conference calendar

The easiest way to stay on top of your industry!

International by design

EngagePhase Weekly is only a few months old, and already our 100+ subscribers – many of whom occasionally send us their favorite local news – span the globe...

EngagePhase Weekly lets you:

  • Keep up with the key players in the field (people and organizations)
  • Understand the market forces
  • Get a better sense of how the practice is evolving internationally
  • Find out about innovations and emerging trends before everyone else
  • Stay on top of how this important work is being marketed, advertised, funded, documented, endorsed, critiqued, recognized and celebrated etc.

Coming in 2018, subscribers will enjoy exclusive access to:

  • Original content, reporting & analysis
  • Virtual learning events focused on “edge” topics (e.g., technology, next-generation engagement)
  • “Meet the authors” online book circle events


How much industry intelligence can you afford to miss?

Our near-term mission is to monitor all the things (so you don’t have to). As of November 2017, our custom-built content aggregator tracks the following types of sources:

  • 50+ blogs
  • 50+ email newsletters
  • 200+ social media accounts
  • 10+ Twitter hashtag feeds (English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian)
  • Plus various other sources

We expect the breadth and depth of our industry coverage to grow significantly over the course of our public beta phase (through spring 2018).

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